About Our Scheme

Bisley Community Composting Scheme is a Members only scheme to take garden waste, 'hot compost' it and return it as useable compost to members. It is located on the Bisley Allotments. See contacts for details on location.

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Our Launch in 2005


learning about composting


Bisley’s community composting scheme, led by the community for the benefit of the community, transforms unwanted village garden materials into free compost. This lively product then feeds the gardens of Bisley, increases local soil fertility, helps wildlife, and produces fine crops.

The idea for community composting came from a meeting with allotment holders in 2004 and was developed two committed allotments holders and the Allotment Warden. Village consultations supported by the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust were held, and 35 households expressed interest and BCCS was launched in 2005. Stroud District Council provided a small ‘start-up’ grant .

This scheme, launched on the 12 November 2005, is only the 2nd in the County and is the 1st in Stroud District.


The Jimmy Riddle


Young People from Severn View Primary Academy School examining the Jimmy Riddle compost sieving mechanisms in a group workshop July 2016

Why Compost?

  • Organic peat free gardening & interested allotment holders
  • Allotment revitalisation programme 2003-4
  • Concern about compostable waste in landfill, transport emissions, CO2 and energy waste
  • Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust inspired arts awareness raising event - theatre project with local youth centre
  • Opportunity for a community scheme to become financially self sufficient through landfill credits
  • Think global - act local

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